The Archives

Every musical project or band has a history. The Lost Gap is no different. The past informs the present. Hopefully, The Archives will do the same and serve as a repository of what has come before.

The Lost Gap

A History of “the” Lost Gap

Jeremiahs Run

You may notice the name Jeremiahs Run popping up a lot as you peruse info about The Lost Gap. Jeremiahs Run is the name of the band/musical project that predates TLG.

Who? What? Where? is Jeremiahs Run?

What is the story behind the Buddha-like icon on early JR projects and publicity?

The Belly Guy

A History of Publicity

JR co-founder and graphic designer extraordinaire, Brett Sherman, used his talents to create eye catching flyers and posters for early band concerts. Follow the link to view the gallery!